Sunday, March 1, 2009

snow day

Tad and Nathalie are collecting snow, there was a lot in the air and it was blowing thick and white earlier in the morning but by now has stopped and the sun is rapidly doing away with the precious white fluff. Each child has some way to collect it and are doing so.

Here is the collection process.

Tad loves to jump when there is snow on the trampoline, last time we had big ice chunks and he spent his time chucking the pieces over the back fence to see them break into bits.

Nathalie's snow pants were damp and when she sat on the cold frozen porch with her warm body, she got stuck! Tad laughed and laughed and came to get me, it took her standing up hard many times before she finally fell over on the bucket in front of her!

The falling over... she wasnt injured and we all had a great laugh. You can see that Tad has collected a woc full of snow, her bucket is about half full. They enjoyed their snow, they made snow balls and threw them at the big goats who didnt seem to mind, they ate the snow balls.

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