Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He's back!

We have him home, he has been home since last wed night. I thought I blogged this fact but see that I didnt. He arrived home at 11:32 pm last wed night. We went to the ceremony and sat for 2.5 hrs with the few other families that arrived early, some didnt arrive until a couple of minutes before the guys walked out. I should not say guys, there are women in the army as well. I know, I was! To me though, it still feels like "the guys" because mine is.

We have spent a lot of time just being together. Sleeping in, hanging out. We have worked on the house and we also bought an RV. A 40 ft 5th wheel toy hauler. Its lovely. It will be delivered here on fri/sat not sure yet, the owner is delivering it as we bought the truck 2nd. Yes, backwards. But we found the truck 2nd, it is in Co and we will be picking it up sunday.

Still working on getting the house done to get it on the market, getting our remaining goods listed for sale (tractor, trailers, 2 trucks and 1 car), lots of mechanic work is being done by my amazing husband. The car and 1 truck have broken down, thank goodness they waited for him to get home.

I have lots of pictures but honestly I dont have time to post them. He is working some mornings/afternoons and while he is gone we work on the house, do schoolwork, college, housework, dinner prep etc.

I will post photos and progress later, we have only a few more wks before we leave to drive the Alcon in the winter!