Friday, February 27, 2009

sick baby

What do you do if your baby goat is bloated in the morning and doesnt want her breakfast? Well, carry all the things back to the house that you need to take in. Then go back out in the freezing cold and snow to carry your bloated baby to the house... while she struggles to get down.

Then you give her baking soda and oil, and of course herbal digestive formula after talking to 2 local goat herders and 2 friends online who are happy to help you research this problem. Then you massage her belly and feel a sense of elation when this begins to work! She farts... yes, it stinks. And yet still, a good feeling due to the fact that your baby is IN TROUBLE AND HURTING and this is helping her poor tiny belly.

She is bloated here, not a great picture and this isnt as bad as she was at first. She is now smelly and farting quite a bit! After an hr of giving these meds every 10 min and massaging her belly, she is looking a lot better. Poor girl... she wants to hang right under the desk and be loved. Both kids have been very loving with her, extra loving. And she is a spoiled baby as it is!
My poor thing... The boys are in the barn together so they are not lonely but when I put scout into the bathroom here with some old towels on the floor, she cried loudly and constantly so we are just watching for potty. I mean the cat poos on the floor ALL THE TIME and I like the goat better than her!
No, I have no intent to regularly have goats in the house. But goats can die of bloating, if the bloat becomes too big then the lungs can collapse and the heart can stop from pressure. I dont want this to happen to her, it will break my heart to think she was hurt and scared and I didnt notice so she will stay in here today.

She is so pretty, and sweet, and spoiled and wonderful.. Why did she get sick? Because we added in powdered goat formula bc we dont have enough goats milk. I didnt know to add this slowly, which is my fault. My friend Kendra researched this for me this morning and found that some babies die from it. I will need to stop using it, the boys reacted fine to it, and so will cont putting a bit in the boys milk to help spread it out but they dont seem remotely bothered by it.
On another note, I am now sorry for not getting my finger stitched yesterday. It isnt healing well because of continued use. I cant milk without it and that made it separate again. It is separate of the bone which is gross... I am sorry I didnt go to the hosp now, but wont be in a few days. Slippery elm will thatch it and become part of it by tomorrow I hope and then it will heal.

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