Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dressed up

Today we had a meeting with the FRG leader, family group readiness. She is the one in charge of making sure things run smoothly back home while soldiers are deployed. I am a key caller, which means I have a list of people to call and check on because the FRG leader cannot possibly call all the families. So, I decided since we were going out, maybe we SHOULDNT smell like a barn and look like farmers!

Tad lost a top tooth and is showing off the spot, I had to make a funny joke concerning goat poop to get a good smile out of him. He is in a funky smile stage... We did brush his hair, but daddy wants the mohawk back... Tad says he will consider the old doo when its summer!

Nathalie spent many minutes brushing the knots and tangles out of her hair and its really quite pretty when not super ratty!

Tad wasnt overly interested in standing this close to his sister but when threatened with no coffee at ihop (meeting place) we got a nice attitude! Yes, I know his shirt doesnt match but it was clean and warm, and not overly stained. The pants are his newest, I made them later in the winter so they are less ratty. My children are very hard on their clothing living on a homestead.

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