Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Blog

I have a new blog! One of my very best friends Amanda and I decided to start a new blog together. We are going to be sharing our day to day homesteading and green living tips. We both own and milk goats, have or will have baby goats born on our property, garden, sew, are mamas and wives and many other things! We will be using this blog as a way to help others get started on homesteading and self sufficiency. I plan on offering sewing tutorials as well as information on goat herding yourself.
Amanda and I live in different regions of the country so have different gardening tips and facts. Though she has shared many helpful ideas on gardening with me, you will get different information from each of us which will be more helpful than just one. If you have any good tips yourself, or pictures to go along, email them to me and we can post them to be of help to others! Check it out here at our new blog!

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