Sunday, April 13, 2008

More life

Oh I give up on this picture thing! I have tried and tried to make them the right size, one thing is, you can click on them! The only thing is, they are not right side up if you click on them... These are pants I made for tad, a shirt for nathalie and a dead bird head. Gross no? Well its a cardinal. How often do you get to see a cardinal up close and personal? Made a great homeschool day. The shirt for nathalie is made from a shirt of that was given to me and was much too large!
The chocolate pull up is for her, and was such a wonderful color combination. I like the chocolate and sea spray blend. The blue long sleeve is washable wool, its still cool here some days and many days in Md where we visit monthly and he had grown out of all long sleeve shirts from this winter.
Nathalie and her bear are enjoying the scraps from the green shirt, she loves my scraps and dresses her babies in them to match herself!