Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am largly against buying Chinese made products. I do not take issue with Chinese people, I have met many and enjoyed their company. My brother spent time in China and loved it. However, many of the products that come from China come with problems that affect the people in our country. Thus I have grown wary of buying all Chinese products. I boycott places like Wal Mart for many products. I seek out ways to buy handmade. I buy baby shoes and toys for friends and family from Hyena Cart in order to give back to other earth friendly mamas like myself.
Today I went looking for some bamboo and glass products on line. I was curious about glass straws, I found them. I also found a wonderful site selling bamboo products but was disappointed to see the words "made responsibly in China." Well how is that? What determines this? So I read their story here. They live IN the country! Work with the people, care about the people and help to make a better life for the people who work for them. This is a company I can support, this is a company I could buy from, though a bit pricey, I think they deserve it. Because they have people who work for real wages, and work by choice. They are artisans. And when I am ready to buy bamboo kitchen items, this company will get my business.

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