Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nathalie's imagination

My daughter told me today, "Mommy, I dropped my snack outside. I spilled it on the ground from the bowl, and you wont believe what happened next!" I asked her what, she reached her arms out and leaned down and made her arms extra feet and said dramatically, "I saw a long worm creeping up on my snack to eat it! And he was long and skinny and had little teeny tiny legs!" I assume her arms and elongated form was the representation for this creeping leggy worm. I told her worms don"t have legs and unsurprised she said, "Well this one did." Her brother would have been excited to learn this legless fact, but her, no. She saw something unbelievable and she believes it...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spring cleaning

Welcome to my first blog post! My friend and fellow diaper seamstress helped me figure out how to start this.

Today we have been spring cleaning, My daughter Nathalie inherited some messy genes and not from my side of the family for sure. She had no less than 7 grocery bags full of things I deemed trash when I assisted with room cleaning. Also I solved the mystery of "Where do Nathalie's underwear go every night when she changes?" In a random toy box or under the bed or... At any rate, we are now back up to lots of changes instead of 2.

I decided that the house needed a good scrub. I think even the coffee pot is cringing when I come near. I did have a fire hazard in the laundry closet, I am surprised the dryer didn't self combust to spite me! Now that Nathalie has awoken from a 3 hr nap, brought on by mommy stealing and throwing out all her best treasures, we are going to attack the van! We don't have much room to sit anymore and we couldn't fit another thing in it. We are going to clean it inside and out and then cool off in the pool.

Did you know that chocolate is good for you? Buy chocolate from the health food section of your grocery store, BiLo, Publix and Kroger often have it. Preferably 70 % cacao chocolate bars, I find that the fruit chocolate is wonderful. Whole pcs of berries! Its a bit more bitter and has a crunch but is so good! 2 squares is enough to satiate and its so much better for you than Hershey's... Also, cacao prevents cavities. So for those healthy moms out there, give your kids a healthy snack and pick up some organic chocolate. If your kids are anything like mine, they think that 2 squares of chocolate is the best treat they have had since the last b-day party we went to.

I made these 2 diapers this wk, small pockets. They are on auction!