Monday, March 2, 2009

Pattern making

Pattern making process, starts with the rise being 16" on this medium cover, then the front and back waist band are drawn on, sides drawn and then the curves can be hand sketched. Then the pattern is cut out, folded in half lengthwise and the curves are cut equal so the pattern is symetrical. Leg and waist band patterns are not shown, but you can see these on the finished product.

This is the small pattern, made in same way. Now the medium (previous pic) is cut out and a cover made from it and the large pattern is done. I am considering an even larger one for older bedwetters or late potty learners who cant have synthetic fabric on their skin.

Nathalie making patterns for her baby, she requested that I tear off a large sheet of the parchment paper to make patterns herself. She successfully created a pull up pattern for her doll baby. She loves to sew and she is really quite good at it.

Finished product from the pattern making, not a great picture. I lost the patterns for this very popular style of diaper cover in the tornado, I hadnt the heart to remake them though they are not hard. I just lost all of them and it was a lot of work! These covers can be made of waterproof wool or fleece as both are stretchy so good for pull on covers.

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