Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Here we are golfing, with the same mamut stick that was aimed at Nathalie with intent to shoot a few days ago. Frank gave them 2 golf balls, so they are setting up in the sandy patch (clearly they dont know how to golf) and taking turns hitting/missing the ball with the mamut stick. This is the beauty of homeschool! My children play outside, and not on a schedule. And they have imaginations. I have recently been asked why would I want to let my children make their own schedule, how in the world will they learn to be adults if they are never allowed to be children???
My son just came in and asked me what month, what week are we in that month and what season is it? I answered to the best of my ability (I am thouroughly unaware of the date-even week, its march right?) and he said, okay well I am going to go use my constellation guide so I will know what the sky will look like this week. Okay Tad, thank you for proving to me once again that homeschool is, how do you say, the BOMB?

These are projects that the kids made, Tad had a plastic canister from something... And with aluminum foil, foam, glue and a empty grain box he created something, what would you call that? Nathalie used an empty packing box and some other bits of cardboard that she found. They each had an empty elastic roll of mine, these are the wheels. Tad was very certain that if these "projects" were tied to the back of the bicycle and one rode SUPER fast, the project at hand would take off and fly. Then one could cut it loose with a (dull) pocket knife and it would just soar! He was disappointed, Nathalie like the bump bump noise hers made when attached to the bike.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Little ol'

This is Nathalie playing little ol' in the yard by herself. Little did she know that her brother was aiming at her and "shooting" her with his mamut stick.

Here Tad is shooting her, I have the pictures backwards. The top picture of him shooting was when he heard my camera and looked back. I think he knew in his heart, it isnt right to shoot someone playing little ol'.

Now they are both playing little ol'.

So Little ol' is a game that my children made up some time ago and they have many hours of fun playing it. I catch them playing it alone or together but something tells them it isnt a game to share with others. They began the game by calling it little ol' man. One or both would either use or pretend to use some sort of walking stick and walk about an say in a creaky voice, "I am a little ol' man!" And that was it. Well now it has gone further into just acting silly and foolish while creaking out little ol' sentences. Tad has a stick he found at a fellow homeschoolers house that we call the mamut stick (3rd book in the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel about the ice age.) He uses this stick as a gun, walking stick, oar for a pretend boat, as a threat to his sister and his little ol' stick. Sometimes Nathalie is allowed to play little ol' with it as well. The game is shortened due to the fact that she became tired of the man part and wanted little ol' lady but he wasnt savvy with that so we have the short version.
Yes I do know that this could be offensive, but I know it would have my 88 yr old grandparents in stiches. We do respect and revere elderly, for their wisdom and knowledge. But I think many people have a sense of humour and just as I dont mind short people comments, I do no think that elderly people would mind my childrens little ol'.

New Glasses

Frank has complained that he has yet to see my new glasses, I dont know who should photo me... Since he is gone. However, here is a photo, compliments to the 7 yr old photographer. No, I didnt tell him people are supposed to be centered so how could he have known! We are up late working on pkgs that need to go out tomorrow. Oh and eating crackers, and discussing alleles and how many a parent and child share. He is trying to understand the link between father and child since daddy ISNT pregnant...ever. So once the baby is made mom, then how are they related? I mean is there some blood test that shows this? Of course son... And so on.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Making herbs

Well I bought the herbs, some loose herb and am tincturing it. I also bought some already tinctured herb for a friend who needed a formula. We spent part of the morning playing with our little brown bottles!
My friend in Ga, Nikki, is earning her degree in herbology. A few years ago I became interested in learning natural medicine, but it wasnt something I wanted to play at. I wanted to truly know it. So after a few yrs of picking her brain and of using herbs for our family, I am slightly better educated. I have learned that it will take a lifetime to fill my head with all I desire to know on this subject! I have now started reading some books on homeopathy and find it even more deep than herbal studies.
Basically this knowledge enhances our quality of life and allows us to cure problems and treat them long term rather than just covering them up. I have no interest in being sick, and common colds dont happen in our house. We had the flu I think, a wk or so ago. Nathalie ran a slight fever and felt nauseous, she took herbs every 2 hrs and at one point I gave her belladona for the fever. Neither of us have become ill, and I think it wasnt too bad! We took a herbal remedy called flu fighter for 3 days along with our regular immune boost and vit c dose.
I think that this type of medical care fits in with our life style, and I plan on learning much more about it. Check back if you are interested!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008