Wednesday, January 23, 2008

business tactic and neg feedback!

So I have a new business tactic to share! A woman found my diapers on ebay, she has a hyena store " The paisley butterfly." Her diapers do look very similar to mine, as do many on ebay/HC and everywhere else at this point. She bought one of my diapers on ebay, and then sent me a message saying, "contact me in 24 hrs or neg feedback will be left." Of course, I thought I had made a gross error! No, she just wants to drum up more business I guess and the short of it is, she accused me of stealing her diaper pattern. She was quite harsh, and I responded very politely and tried to discuss it. She is one of those people who says, you did this and nothing you say will make me change my mind. I still did the very best I could, emailing back and forth until she seemed to feel better. So she waited many wks, and then left me neg feedback directing customers to her store saying, buy the real thing here!

It seems awfully unfair to let me believe it was over, and then leave me nasty slandering feedback. I feel awful right now, I feel as though my small business is being threatened. I wouldnt want to buy from someone who cheated and stole a pattern! Of course, many of you remember my humble beginings. Bought my first diapers, which were not all that great! Dont you think if I stole a pattern I could have done better? Made a decent diaper before 1 yr of work? It seems awfully harsh of her to decide I stole from her and when I say I didnt, it doesnt matter to her. I can only think she needs business so she has to direct it this way. If she needed an advertising plan, I would have helped her out!

I wont leave retalitory, although I dont think she cares bc she surely expects others to be as hateful as her or she wouldnt risk being hateful. I was so kind and polite in emails! I plan to continue refusing to be unkind. And I hope this doesnt hurt my business. I know anyone who bought my original dipes knows she is lying. And anyone who looks at my blog, this is conceited so get ready, knows I dont need to steal patterns! I have made my childrens entire wardrobes mostly without patterns, and their clothes are very professional. I dont need to steal from anyone! She has beautiful diapers, but I would be smart enough to steal from someone with great reviews if I chose to steal!

So there you go, my latest drama. I am sad, and slightly hurt that some people are so mean. But we all live in a world where we risk unkindness from others, so I guess its just something I have to deal with. I cant be nasty back, bc one I am not nasty and two, I believe in Karma! I hope you will all keep buying from me, I wouldnt cheat anyone and I love doing business with you all.

Oh, and as a side note of interest, in a court of law (as this can be a court battle due to slander and defamation), she bought my diaper! I have never purchased any diaper. Not on ebay, HC, or any other diaper site. My entire financial history could be reviewed and one would find I have bought nothing but fabric for diapers and prefolds! My kids wore cloth and I never bought anything more than prefolds! So who looks guilty here???