Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My sisters baby

He is coming! He is on the way! My sister is in labor as I type! Mom just updated me, her water has broken! I am very excited and so very happy for her. Her husband is with her, my mom is on the way. This is their first child, his name is Niklas, the children and I have nicknamed him Nika (pronounced Nee-kah)
This is the rest of his nb diaper pkg which is on the way to her now, the first part was before x mas and was posted on here as well. This also includes wipes, wet bags, 2 wet sheets, a few more pieces of clothing and burp cloths (not pictured).

This is the entire set pictured, 3 wet bags, small, medium and large, 2 wet sheets which have one side waterproof PUL and 1 side cotton french terry-these are for mattress covering on top of sheet, or laying on the carpet/couch etc. The cotton french terry is absorbent and soft. There are wipes, of course she has more of these but this is 20 more bamboo and flannel. 3 prs pants, 2 shirts, 6 diapers and 4 covers.

The trucks and ooga booga are knit diapers and the rest are flannel. The little clothes are knits and wool with easy on necks and wide, stretchy waistbands for comfort.

Wet sheets and covers, these wet sheets are invaluble for many uses. I use them still for my children, good eating mats if snacking in a room with carpet for movie night, great for the flu, wonderful for a mama for many things... Home birth, monthly cycle, after baby cycle, nursing/leaking. Sorry for graphic descriptions there but its just the truth, they are wonderful additions to any families cloth stash of any sort!
2 of these covers are made of the wildly popular lator gator and robots prints. My sister liked the lator gator quite a bit so will make Nika larger diapers out of it as well.
Wet bags and wipes are also wonderful to have throughout baby years and beyond. We still use wetbags for beach, pool, picnics, or just traveling period. We have about 400 of these wipes in our house for any cloth use you can imagine.

This is the inside of the nb diapers, they are just 2 layer, inner and outer of knit/flannel/bamboo with hidden snaps. Then the insert is a bifold bamboo insert, serged and folded down the center and sewn in just at the top as you can see here and then the other side folds over. This is great for drying and because a newborn doesnt move around a lot, the soaker can be just sewn in a bit.

Now it is folded so this is how she will lay it to put on Nika, and yet it will be super fast drying. There is only one place, the seam, where any part of the diaper is more than 2 layers. She has quite a few nb diapers and none of them very thick so I included a pile of doublers, just lay in soakers that are 3 layers bamboo. They can be used from now until he is out diapers, they are small enough for nb but will be great to boost absorbency of any diaper.

Bad sunlight here, but a cute little outfit! She has a matching side snap diaper already from x mas time made from this same spider knit. This is Tad's fabric choice for an outfit for new nephew.

Both of these covers have gussets, the robot cover ended up larger than I had hoped and I labeled it small but once his umbilical cord falls off it will fit fine. The yellow one is sandwich PUL, fabric on both sides with waterproof center. Fabric is polyester so wont leak/wick. The side snap and the gussets make it great for nighttime coverage.

3 wet bags, the google eyes is cotton but it wont matter because its a wet bag, not a diaper. These are great for hanging on a hook or traveling, I will make her quite a few more because her baby is going to go to daycare during the school yr (next aug) when she goes to work and the daycare said yes to cloth diapers! I want to make sure my sister, Scarlett, doesnt have to do cloth wash each night so I want her to have plenty of diapers and accessories.

Wet sheet open, large enough for many uses. Large enough that if newborn pukes on one side, cover with burp cloth and move him to other side...
I will update as soon as little man enters the world! I hope to have pictures soon of him and I will see him for the first time the 17th of april.

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Tima Murrell said...

Would love to order some nb diapers for my aunt who is having a baby. Could you email me at tmurrell@vol.com so I can get prices etc. Thanks!