Saturday, June 30, 2007

Life moves forward

We have our orders! We are going to Ft Riley Ks, to report July 2008. We will report earlier than that as my husband' Warrant Officer School will be complete around April. Everything in the military is slightly up in the air, and all about hurry up and wait! We are excited, this was our second choice for duty stations. Our first was Colorado, but its the same area so we are pleased. It was Frank's first duty station, and they have snowy winters. This was Tad's request, snow.

We are back to school again, our home school break is finished. That is the beauty of home school, you break when necessary. Tad is now reading 2ND grade books, he is very pleased with this and Nathalie is working through "100 Easy Lessons" with me. Tad is, of course, still instructing her on reading as well. This next years curriculum includes about 60 % french, they are only in Kindergarten and 2ND grade, it will be okay to do a lot of French now. They speak quite a bit but I hope for fluency for them by the end of the year.

My website is being revamped by my ever wonderful sister and business partner. She is now arranging it so that it will show in stock items only, and I will get this full as fast as I can! Also, she has designed amazing labels for my Friend and colleague, Katherine Merryfield of Kat's Naturals so you will see her products up soon. We will be selling lots of natural mama and baby items that are good for the environment and people. No harsh chemicals here!

We are trying to stay ahead in all areas for home and business, my posts are sparce I know but I will get more up as I can.