Saturday, July 14, 2007

Online store

I am working, as you were, my sister is working on my site. We are redoing the whole format, I had previously made it possible for people to choose their color and size. Then I had the job of getting the order done and mailed in 3 days. This became impossible with increased local business and my eBay store. I have a lot of custom orders and I do have this choose your color/size option in my eBay store. This all keeps me very busy! So right now, we are working on stocking with made items only. These items are pocket diapers, AIO diapers, inserts and doublers, pull ups and 3 sizes of mama pads. This is a lot of items for one mama to sew and I do sew alone!
I have considered hiring help, but I don't think I am ready to train anyone else and I am oh so picky! Probably when we move, I will have to hire help as I don't think I can do this alone forever. I think Tad will be ready to sew diapers a couple of years from now and both of them will definitely overtake me in computer skills. Until then, I may need help!
To any of you shopping on my site, please bear with us while we stock. If there is something you need/want and don't see, please feel free to email me. I can usually get a custom order out to you in 7-10 days.
Katherine is working on stocking as well, she just received her digital camera in the mail and has labels on the way from Scarlett. Scarlett is our resident website designer, label designer, diplomat, manager... What would we do without her??? Katherine is working all next wk on getting some of each avail product stocked. She has containers for her products and as soon as she has labels, she will be ready to ship to you.
Keep checking back for details!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tads clinicals

Yesterday we did fireworks and of course at some point, Frank asked Tad would he like to have a sparkler up his nostril. Tad responded automatically with no, as most of the things daddy asks would they like are not advisable. So today, here was our conversation.

"Mom, what is a nostril?"
"The 2 little holes in your nose, those are called nostrils."
"Well they had to be called something Tad."
"Yeah, well I would have thought they would be called something a little more clinical."
I thought, this is why I forget he is 6. He can use the word clinical in a mostly correct manner! But then, as if to deny me this pleasure at his wordiness he says, "Planet Nostril. That is what I am going to invent! A new planet called nostril because its a gross word!" Well way to go mom. He is a 6 yr old boy after all... Of this I am pleased as he makes me laugh.

Tad can also read well enough now that we cant leave things lying around that we dont want read by a 6 yr old. Frank's laptop is up as our desktop isnt working. The screen has a very cute kitty on it, and under this kitty it says "the voices in my head are telling me to kill you." Way to go mommy for letting him see this long enough to sound out the word voices. So then he begins to laugh, and laughed that belly laugh that he does so well until it made me laugh. Now each time he wishes to amuse himself, he says it under his breath. I do believe he understands the point of it as well.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Camaro, As it were...

The saga that is the camaro! Or maybe this car is a proper noun, and our improper labeling has caused her to act badly!

A well loved car for some time before my brother bought her, we bought her from him when he left for Germany. A 1989 who sounds great when she is running, but we have had some headaches keeping her that way! Frank is putting in a new radiator this evening, and hoping for no more rain.

Tomorrow Tad is having his second set of tubes put in tomorrow morning. He isnt looking forward to the surgery as he cannot eat or drink anything until afterwards. As he is 6, he will not be one of the first to go in. He remembers the last time he had this done, and his memories are not frightening, thank goodness.