Friday, August 10, 2007

Back in town!

I have been out of town and am back now! Lots of work piled up in my absence, for those of you waiting on orders, I am working as fast as possible.
I have some great pictures to put up soon, my advocacy for home school continues. Watching my children and God children playing out in the country makes me happier than ever that I chose this path. My best friend and business partner has a large piece of land equipped with a swimming pool, tire swing, tree house, wood shop, large school and sewing room, wooded trails and a large house for playing in. She and her husband purchased a broken home and have been fixing it up since then. They have made it into a wonderful place to be! My kids love being there so much, they miss their friends terribly each time we leave.
While at Nikki's house I continued to research diaper art. Willow, Nikki's youngest, is 14 months old and in a large diaper. She can go about 4 hrs in my day diapers, either a pocket or snap in AIO with 4 layers hemp fleece or 6 of jersey. During the night, she successfully stays dry all night long with a fitted lite and snap in hemp soaker and a 200 wt fleece soaker. I am glad to see no changes need to be made with diapering as Willow enters a new size.
Changes to my website continue to occur, my sister and business partner is starting a new job and has been working very hard to get my site up and running before she starts. She has done a beautiful job! I love the site far more than I would have if had done it myself, its something she excels at for sure. She has instructed me in uploading products so I will continue to get more things up for your shopping pleasure!
More later, off to educate my small people...