Saturday, September 29, 2007

Too busy!

Still on vacation and so ready to be home! We have spent 2 wks visiting family, some of them my husband has not seen for 2 years. His time on the trail as a drill sergeant has been tough. He is now off the trail and preparing for Warrant Officer school. This will be at Ft Rucker Alabama and then Aberdeen Proving Ground Md. He will be gone several months...

With this in mind, I am attempting to get caught up on work and have the kids a little ahead in homeschool so that we can visit daddy often. These 2 jobs are not, I repeat not, going as planned! This 2 wks has put us behind a bit in school though both kids were ahead so maybe we will be okay. I have not met my goals for sure, I have to finish listing in my store on Monday, Nikki's products are not uploaded. Also I have to finish stocking all other areas of Joli's Diaper Art. My poor sister, manager and goal planner is probably quite frustrated! As it turns out, I overextend myself and simply cannot accomplish things as I hope. The kids have to come first and sometimes there isn't a lot left over for work.

So just a blog post to update you on my crazy life and why work is so behind! Hopefully this next week will be open enough to have everything updated and going.