Friday, March 6, 2009

Organizing again!

This is a shelf in an old wardrobe that we found at a local antique shop. We bought it after the tornado, obviously... as we have it! Just kidding, we have lots of our other things as well. We wanted to refinish the wardrobe inside and out, but we didnt have time and Frank and I moved it into the house from the shop to the house for homeschool organization.

I know these pictures are not super interesting, just showing Frank that I have finally (after nearly 5 mo) organized this cabinet. When he was home still, he offered to help me organize it. Along with offers for many other things, fixing things, building things, setting things up. And on many of them I said no thanks because I cared more to spend time with him. We did a massive amount of work, and it was nice to relax a bit before he left and just be. I promised him, "Oh we can take care of that!" And we can, however it doesnt all happen quickly...

Top shelf are not schoolish items, just stored papers. The other 3 are the things we use daily/weekly for school. Until today, this cabinet has been a jumbled mess and art supplies were just tossed into it. School things, unfortunately, sat instead on the LR floor, breakfast bar, sewing tables, coffee tables etc. Now all of our things are neat and in one place!

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