Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goats and garden

This is an old doorway, there was a piece of rotted OSB in this doorway that we got rid of and replaced with chicken wire. There is a red gate that covers 3/4 the height of the doorway and the complete width so nothing can come through the chicken wire unless it can go through the gate. I would like to put a real door up here in the future. The babies come to this door way and cry as if they are ignored! This is their barn, they have a back door that is left open all day and they can come and go as they please.

This is the fence at their side yard. You can see Vlads horns, my disbudding failed. His horns grew larger and faster than the other 2, scouts disbudding seems to have worked and Chiva has to be done again... Not fun. Frank will have to help me band Vlads horns as they are too large to be disbudded with the iron.

Playing in the garden plot, the other end is planted partly so they know which end to dig in for now. This was tilled by Frank before he left and again by a local man because this is the first year we have planted here. It took several times going over and over for the dirt to be well broken in.

Tad kissing Nona, and yes he really did I just missed the shot. Chiva is behind him wishing he was in the big yard!

Scout, she is so pretty! She will be a nice looking goat and she is quite stubborn, which is good. She will have to assert herself or Nona will run her off and tell her to find a new home!

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