Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ball picture

My mom likes this picture, I was unconvinced that it was good. We can call it "okay." I think Frank is cute, holding his beer at the ball! Couldnt even take in in a cup. He is making a silly smile, but hey, he smiling! He is gone at school right now and I miss his silly smile, I have several pictures up of him on my computer screen and he keeps me laughing even when he is gone.

Moosy Lucy

Nathalie left our good company to go play in her room, 10 min later Tad reported that she was sleeping on a bed of seats! She actually has a chair up against a upside down toy box and then her pillows are on that. A stool is next to her, I think by design but I don't know why. Moosy Lucy was obviously also exhausted because he is sacked out on top of her! The ragged sheet she is covered by was my moms when she had kids, and she had 6! So that sheet has now been through the ringer, its Nathalie's piece of sheet or Mr. Sheet, also known as Mr. Sleepy or sleepy sheet. Yes, I hand wash it and flat dry it at this point.
Moosy Lucy was purchased by my mom on vacation, she told Nathalie that this particular moose felt badly that other moose were purchased but he wasn't. He felt it was because he DID have an imperfect antler. He was worried about going to just any old home and was pleased when mom told him about Nathalie. He has no confidence issues concerning the antler at this time, matter of fact I think he may border on vain! He was stolen by a neighbors dog one night as he innocently camped under the trampoline (not forgotten by Nathalie as one may wrongly assume, he is old enough to camp alone!), we saw some trash in a yard down the rd the next day, Nathalie and I, on a walk/bike ride (ride on her part...).Nathalie said, look there is a bear, no that is my dog! And as I went to see, it was her fluffy dog and MOOSY LUCY! We were horrified and stunned, what neighboring mutt would ruthlessly kidnap our dear Moose! Well, he was basically uninjured and knew we would discover him. The dog, needless to say, was taken by his ungracious owners to the pound as they said he was repeatedly badly behaved. We would have been happy to befriend him had he not shown this vendetta against Moosy Lucy.

Christmas loveys!

These are presents for 2 of the babies I know! The first picture is a gift for Sidney, the baby we kept when she was smaller. She is almost 3 now and has a kitchen she really loves so we made her an apron, and one of our octopus loveys. The kids can make the octopus, so the smaller one of those is the most commonly gifted this year. The wooly pants, and the wooly pjs in the next picture are both 100 % wool and are washable and dryable! The pj set are for our neice Briley who lives in Tn.
The kids made a set of octopus for both my mom and dad and are really quite excited about it. When they are grown, they will look back and wonder what Nana and Grandaddy would possibly do with a lovey octopus. The brown reindeer looking creature is supposed to be a ghost, but I do bed to differ. Its a reindeer! The last picture is a LL Bean bag that some pants came in, my mom bought them for Frank. The bag needs a use, I cant see throwing it away! So we are filling it with loveys for My God Baby Willow. The turtle was my own creation, these other patterns came from ottobre. A giraffe and gingerbread man are in the making next!
I am using these as gift alternatives for some babies for 2 reasons. 1, it costs me less and we are trying NOT to go over budget this x mas. 2, I wont buy China on purpose anymore! It will accidently happen I am sure. But I wont buy them on principle and for safety issues. We dont have anything here that falls under recall, but I wont buy it for someone else either.


I just bought 4 bales of PUL, waterproof fabric. The supplier no longer sells it in 5 yds per color as they used to. If I want a color I have to buy 50 yds! Thankfully I am selling some it off at this time to buy more colors. If you need some, let me know! Its below retail price...
As if I needed more fabric though, as you can clearly see by my attic picture here, this is a little more than half of my bins and thats all of my bales except whats downstairs!
You would think since all this fabric is upstairs, and I have to go back and forth (my choice in order to get my bedroom back!) that I would clear the stairway. But no, I leave this giant blanket on top of some toys and clothing.(note stool, it nearly killed me!) Its truly a health hazard coming down that with a full bin! We built the stairway ourselves, and we did the attic. It was just fluff, and space. So we did the floor with OSB(after lots of supports), put up wall frame and ceiling, opened one doghouse for a window, put in insulation, and of course Frank did wireing first. Then an airconditioner and heaters. We didnt have the time or money for drywall, but its an amazing space for my fabric! Its a 38 ft long room. The first half is a kids play area and there is built in storage in the low parts of the roof. We will be sad to move away, but ready for something new right?

Fall leaves

These are some leaves the kids found out front, the first picture you can see how the green is all in the center in a really neat shape! The other leaves were just pretty, yellow and orange. We have fewer leaves here in SC, we have a lot of pine needles. We have one particular tree in the front yard, its part of a small group of trees that the kids call "woods." We live in a neighborhood on a decent sized lot, but there are no real woods. Our friend Bridget has some lovely woods and Annas nearly cant be rivaled! But at my house, this one tree is the best!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Last night my dad sent me an email with a link to a you tube video done by Lizzy Palmer, a 15 yr old girl. She made this video to remind us all that the soldiers are still out there working, and they still need our support. Even if you don't support this cause.
I don't know if I support this cause, I never tried to figure it out. And I never will. My soldier has been deployed, and will be again. Yes, I support it wholeheartedly. I hope that Lizzy has reminded many to do the same, whether you have a soldier there or not.
So here is my Christmas tree, it leans a little. I don't care a huge amount for decorating, but Frank does. He is away at school, not deployed, but away and always a soldier. And he will love to come home to lights and decorations, candles and wrapped gifts. Even though we miss him, and would rather hang lights with him, we do it for him when he is away.
I thank you all, out there fighting for freedom. I dont care what the cause is. In spite of the sand, hot days and cold nights, the worries and the discomfort, you are still there doing what you promised to do.
So thank you to my grandfather (Army), to my father(Navy retired), to my mother (Army reserves), to my brothers (Air Force, Army), to my sister (Natl Guard), to my brother in law (Natl Guard), and most of all my husband, Active Duty Army, my own personal hero and soldier. Thank you, thank for my country, for my freedom, for my rights, for my warm safe home, for your values, for your courage, for your bravery, for your many selfless acts. No matter what the cause, whether its yours or someone else's, you have fought for our homes. Thank you to the spouses and the children, thank you for giving your soldier. Thank you to many others I have met, and many I never will. I support you, forever. Merry Christmas, where ever you are.

Messy House

I was making up packages yesterday morning, and couldnt find the "paper scissors." These scissors were all once sewing scissors that no longer cut fabric. Each child knows that if they use proper fabric scissors, they will be sold as cuban sugar plantation slaves. I remembered leaving the scissors in my room, from cutting plastic away from (more) bales of fabric.

So as I am walking back down the hallway, I am cutting out labels and letting the paper fall as I walk. Adding to my mess... I arrived back in the living room with cut labels and was reminded of the mess! A yr ago, I would have thrown away the paper cut away immediately. Not now, no, now I just kind of let it be. My living room looks this way daily. I clean it daily, and it looks so wonderful and inviting! Right after cleaning up clutter, doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, I pull out the table and a stack of fabric and cut/sew/clutter. And I love it.

Is it worth it? Yes yes yes! My children drag out books and puzzles, we read and play throughout the day. Their math books are often open on the floor, to the page they finished and wanted me to write A ++ on. They regularly go through the piles of scraps on the floor to find what they can use for crafts, or sew things together and call it baby doll clothes. They know that 4 o'clock means quick clean! Time to spend 10-20 min cleaning all clutter, games, books, school stuff, art, shoes, cast off clothing (nathalie!) and get all of these items into their rightful homes. Then they wait anxiously for daddy to come and see the neat living room! That mommy will once again clutter...

Even when he is away at school (now), or working until 10, 4 is the time to clean. And then mess up. Especially because there will often be more puzzles and games out for daddy to assist with. When I was first married, and we had 1 small baby, everything was immaculate. And I was wishing so that I had something else to do. And I am so pleased now, even with my messy messy living room. Oh, I left out pics of my bedroom, your welcome!