Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Legos, goats and warm

The kids saved their money until they had over 100 $, they have saved since May 2008. They had allowance, teeth money (from parents), holiday money (grandparents IE valentines, halloween cards with money) and birthday money. They spent most of it on legos that they spent 3 months choosing! They had a lego catalogue that came in the mail and by the time we ordered their long agonized choices last wk, the magazine was worn and coming apart.

They already had a nice collection of legos purchased by grandad last x mas, and us this x mas. Now they doubled their stash and I have made a personal list of things I notice they need more of such as wheels, axels, windsheilds, people and small/med/large baseplates. I will buy them some more with our money, they do love them so! I want each child to be able to make a car without the other person taking his/her car apart. They were so excited by their purchase and they take very good care of their legos.

Yesterday morning Tad woke to a surprise, Scout in the kitchen having coffee with mommy! Tad waited patiently for me to be busy with the again sick goat to steal my coffee and drink it down! Afterwards he apolgized to Scout for offering her none... selfish boy!

Scout was bloated again, this is the 2nd time she has ended up bloated and had to come up to the house for medicine and treatment. I could just go down to the barn but its cold and easy to bring her up, her being a baby and all. She was as usual cute, and stayed to the hard floor as long as we did.

She is looking at the cat here, not sure wether the cat is a good play friend or something to avoid!

It was warm enough one day last wk that Tad and Nathalie were able to play "breadmaking" outside. This in a game in which they request a cup of flour each and whatever other "ingredients" I am willing to give such as cornstarch. Then they add water to the ingredients and often add dirt at some point and they play in it. A rather harmless game, quite fun for both and yes they have tasted the concoctions! Its a weekly game, they are given ingredients 1 day a wk unless there are no warm days. Its an outside game only.

It does take quite a bit of clean up but to the right of this porch, as you are looking at it, is a spigot on the house so they clean their bucket/wok here at the outdoor water source and then clean up their bodies before coming in.

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