Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring weather

Snow! In late march... Common here I guess, most places are so. Get nice warm spring weather and then get a freeze. We had hail 2 nights ago and now we have snow!

You can see it blowing about in the air in these next 2 pictures

The porch has a fine dusting, the wind is strong enough that most of the snow settling in crevices and cracks of the roof and in corners of the yard against foliage.

Its quite cold, I dont know how cold it actually is but the wind is wicked and I sorely missed my gloves when in the barn this am and came home halfway between chores to redress!

Look to the right of the picture, the evergreen trees in the corner show you the snow in the air as a contrast to the green. Wonderful... I adore winter, I always have. But I want it to be one way or the other. The kids are already into last summers (too small) clothes and I am anxious to wear summer clothes myself.

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