Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am not very good at arranging pictures! These are quite sad in arrangment but there you have it. This was me painting the bathroom, you cant see much of the bathroom but then it was Frank taking the pictures, I left off all of the other pictures that didnt include my face at all... The bathroom is finished now and looks lovely! I am so glad we are finished. I have a few more small things to get done this wk and then the house will list!

Friday, February 8, 2008


For anyone who has never read charlie and lola books, or seen the show, you are missing out. My kids love the show and both have a great British accent. Tad reads the books to Nathalie in an accent, they are reminded of themselves when reading it. Charlie is older and more level headed, and watches lola often. Lola is a bit floufy (yes it is a word.) but funny! Lola doesnt want to go to school for many reasons, and Charlie is convincing her she does. She says she doesnt want to wear a "unee-form." So charlie says, "We dont wear uniforms at our school Lola." Lola runs upstairs and comes back in an aligator suit and Charlie says, "You cant wear that to school lola, aligator suits are for fancy. Stripes are nice for school!"
The kids love this story, and they use the word fancy a lot now. We went out to eat since Frank is leaving tomorrow, and we went to The Olive Garden. Tad leaned over and whispered, "mommy, is this restaurant for fancy?" I said, "Yes, thats why I made you brush your hair."
"OHHH," he says in a knowing voice, nothing but fancy would make mommy worry with anyones hair!
So thats our word now. Since we are selling the house, when potential buyers ask for a carpet or paint allowance, we will say, well fresh carpet with no stains and paint with no gouged walls is for fancy. This isnt a "for fancy" buy. Sorry!

Daddy's Graduation

Frank and I in our hotel room, taken by tad
Frank and the kids
Frank is on the far right, this is his graduation
Graduation was in a museum, this is before grad, the kids are dressed "fancy."
The kids got to help pin Frank's new rank on, since we married either I have pinned him or the children have. E5-E7 and now WO1.

Christmas gifts

This was Frank's Christmas present from the kids and me. He rides quite well! The kids got stilts and a pogo popper-which is for kids too light weight for the pogo stick. The pogo doesnt work well honestly, but the stilts are awesome! Tad and Frank both learned the stilts and I learned them years ago. None of us can ride the unicycle, but I will soon!

News update!

I have figured out how to edit pictures! This is a big step for me as I am computer illiterate! I cropped, resized, took out red eye and then made it look antiquated (word?) This is a picture of the children and myself at the evening out before Franks Warrant Officer Graduation. The kids went to the childcare center, and Frank and I went to a dinner out to play officer and wife! I couldnt take the glare off of my eyes bc I had on glasses and I dont edit that well yet. My glasses have no frame, so you cant see them really. Not a bad picture they eh?

I havent blogged in some time, nor have I sewn. I am missing it and starting to go into withdrawel. Frank is leaving for a 4 month school in the am and the kids and I are trying not to be too bummed. We will be selling the house while he is gone, and then in may we PCS to Ft Riley Ks, where he may deploy for some time. He says I am strong, and I know I am good at being left. Just no good at leaving...

My store is closed for now, ebay is still up and I am still doing some customs but thats it for now. I cant keep both stores open and sell the house. We have done a lot of work on the house, and pictures will come later today hopefully on the progress there.

Lastly in news, feb 1st we had a vasectomy reversal. Let me rephrase, Frank had the reversal and still isnt feeling great! I shouldnt say we, I am feeling none of the physical pain. We hope to get pregnant quickly, though we may not at all which is a risk one takes getting the vasectomy done. We have an 85 % chance the doctor said, but thats a statistic. Some people never do, and some do right away, and some do after a long time trying. Those are pretty much the 3 options that make up the 85 %. We have a good chance bc it wasnt done long, its supposed to be a greater chance at 5 yrs or less and we were 5.4 yrs. I am hopeful, but trying not to set myself up for disappointment! Hope for me, all who read this, that it does take!