Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I could be wrong on this, I call it nomenclature and it is montessori like learning. I have used a lot of manipulatives for math and most of them were homemade. This morning, I made this set of 1-20 cards for Nathalie. Tad didnt learn to read number words in 1st grade, though the math book wanted him to. We skipped it, he wasnt a strong reader and it frustrated him to try to read/match numbers and number words. Nathalie, however, wants to know them. She is a pretty good reader but cant match higher than 1-10 and can only spell those as well.

These are the cards cut apart, I used my sheet of cardstock that is drawn in 9 equal squares. It is my master. I print it off and then fill in the squares however I want, and usually print those off keeping a master copy for later use or sharing with other mamas who want to make copies. This time I didnt, I just filled in the cardstock squares, printed off one more of each so I can have one set cut apart, and one set attached to their word.

This way she can put these in order, study over them and then use them for reference when matching the cut apart set. Then we will take away the ones that are not cut apart and she will match the others up and order them. Then we will start using the number word as a flashcard, hold it up, and she will "read" it. Some will be site words, she is a good 1st grade reader but eight is an odd word! It will only take her a wk at most to be fluent at these jobs, then she will move on to them being spelling words for a week and then she will know them, without a bunch of workbook pages!

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