Saturday, July 7, 2012


These are some very good herbal remedies:

For migraines- mix 1/3 yarrow and 2/3 kava, powders either grown in your garden (kava possibly grows in Hawaii only? I buy it from and put them in capsules. Alternately, tincture both from leaf/root and strain after 4 wks.

We use capsules, I take 4 to prevent a migraine that I feel coming on and 8 if I already have a bad headache. I have taken more, it wont hurt you. I take it as often as I need to. We learned that it also helps muscle pain and soreness.

Kava, wild lettuce and skullcap, I use these as a tincture and take 1-2 tsps. This is a mood enhancer. If you feel miserable, angry, aggravated, easily frustrated-this is the mix for you.

Oatstraw, valerian, catnip-this is an anxiety formula. It reduces anxiety within seconds of swallowing the tincture.

Valerian, passion flower, catnip-great sleep formula for those who have trouble falling asleep. It is not enough for chronic insomniacs who wake up and cannot fall back to sleep. You can take it again, and go back to sleep but I cannot stay asleep all night with this formula.

Catnip taken alone is pretty much an all purpose, good for any bad feeling herb. It is great for guys who get angry at work from dealing with people who probably cannot dress themselves. it is wonderful for kids who have trouble sitting still, or for children who cry easily. I think it possibly prevents things like headache and other stress pains, just by keeping you de-stressed.

I know most people are not interested in that but I wanted to share it with someone and everyone in my house has it memorized, has heard this and many more formulas a million times. So have the people who I talk to on a regular basis which is a wicked short list.

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