Monday, July 2, 2012

Bird addict

Help! I am a bird addict! I have spent the last hr drooling over birds at I love to look at what is available! I have trouble choosing as well. I think we will buy 2 runner ducks, 4 turkeys and a bunch of barred rocks straight run. We will sell the eggs from the females, and eat the males. They are a dual purpose bird so it is good to raise the roosters to eat.

We miss good chicken, the chicken we raised in Ks was such good meat. Store meat does not compare. We also eat a lot of ground turkey, we prefer it over beef so we need to raise the turkeys for that. We do have a pair now and can possibly incubate their eggs, or maybe they will set their own. The ducks are Nathalie's pets, but we would also eat or sell the meat of their offspring.

Our rabbit is raising her 3 babies that have survived, somehow she has managed to kill off most of them. she started with 10! We think, from what the rabbit lady said,that Mrs B has crushed them by getting in and out of her kindle box too much. We re-bred her and bred our other rabbit female who is now big enough. So in 4 wks, we will have two more kits and can make sure they do not get crushed by covering the box in between feedings. For rabbits, that is only 2 x a day.

So we want to raise our meat, but it takes a lot of work and time. I will order birds so that we can raise them for meat, by the time they arrive (scheduling a later arrival date that now, prob a month from now) our barn will be ready to house them. Our meal worm farm will be producing their feed, and I have already found someone that I can buy some bulk grains for the winter from for a decent price. I feed the bunnies on a lot of greens that I am raising, we will continue to greenhouse huge quantities of salad for us and our bunnies. Farm raised meat is worth the work, and does not cost more money than the store meat. It both costs less, and is better for us in taste and health.

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