Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tiling so far

That is the laundry room/bathroom from 2 angles. We are tiling it, its pretty slow going because of a number of small things. We spent a day prepping the room, we moved things out and cleaned the floor and then, get this, someone used CARPET as molding! We had to rip this from the undersides of all of the cabinets you see in the laundry room and the row in the bathroom. Some drywall had to come out altogehter, all wood molding from the rest of the room removed carefully for reuse (that stuff is expensive!), and pulling up the toilet. So that was day one. We also cut a couple of pieces of backerboard. This is something that many people choose not to use, but all tiling books and sites say use it or have problems in a few years, I am happy to use it! I thought backerboard and hardiboard were the same thing but my friend Amanda says they are different. Perhaps hardi is a brand, bc our backerboard says hardi on it. We used the same thing for our tile job in Sc, its a lot like drwall only is like dry cement instead of plaster and it has the paper/carboard like outer that can be cut with a razor knife. Years ago cement board was used instead, it is heavy and harder to cut but some older professional tilers love it and swear by it! I dont want to cut that type...
I spent a day cutting almost all of the backerboard, and test fitting it. We then spent a day laying thinset morter under the backerboard and screwing it down with tile screws. Since then we have spent some evenings laying the tile. Some of the cuts are much harder than I would like, which my husband knew would occur by laying the tile diagonally. I still prefer the way it looks and it doesnt take much longer.
I will be happy when this job is done because I want my washing machine back! Washing by hand builds great muscles but I was happy with my current muscles! I didnt want to grow larger ones.

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