Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Banana muffins

This is one of my favorite muffins to make, they are the sweetest in fact! Banana muffins, with or without nuts. I do not like them with nuts because soft food should not crunch, ever. Okay fine the top of homemade baked mac and cheese, this should crunch- a lot.

I mix my dry ingredients and then make a well in the center. Mix the wet ingredients separate, if you are out of eggs, add a tablespoon cornstarch to the dry and 2 tablespoons water to the wet.

I dumped the wet mix in, if you are unsure of your mix then reserve back a bit of the wet and be sure its needed. Some muffin recipes call for too much liquid and your muffins dont bake as high. Just barely fold this together-do not overmix. A few streaks of flour are fine. If you overmix, then the muffins dont turn out well. There are recipe book words for what they will do if overmixed, but basically here it is. Over mix-bad. Barely mix-yum.

I modified my recipe, I start out with a recipe book recipe and then I change it to fit my needs. The amts and ingredients are no longer the same as a recipe book. I changed the batter amounts to fit these 2 pans, I do not have 12 muffin cups in cast iron so I use this wedge pan, but as you see I need more than the regular recipe. I preheat the cast iron pans in the oven. Do not mix the wet and dry ingredients until you have your heated pans out and ready. If you are using regular muffin tins or silicone bakeware then it doesnt matter.
DO preheat the oven though regardless! Otherwise your muffin bottoms cook too quickly and they will be tough.
I put a small slice of real salted butter in each cast iron cup before I put batter in. This makes the bottoms salty and sweet at the same time!

Okay so I have shadows in my picture. My mom is a photographer, I make no such claims for myself. These come out easily after letting them sit for about 3 minutes. I use a butter knife to gently loosen along the edges if needed and then pop them out with the end of the knife. They usually will not fall out of the cast iron like they would traditional muffin tins.

These are sweet and yummy and wonderful! The top is shiny from the sugar, and its melty crunchy all at once and the insides are perfect and light with air holes and bits of mooshed banana... Oh my. I ate 8 of these. At once. Then I made more for everyone else to have some!

Here is the recipe if anyone is interested: this is for 12 muffins not my modified muffin batter.

Dry ingredients:
1.5 cups flour (dont sub more than 1/2 cup wheat)
1/3 cup powdered sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 tsps baking powder
pinch of salt
*add tablespoon cornstarch if you are out of eggs
-mix well

Wet ingredients:
1/2 cup milk
almost 1/4 cup oil
1 egg or 2 tablespoons water if you used cornstarch for your egg.
3/4 cup banana mooshed
-mix well

Make a well in center of your dry, quickly fold in wet. Spoon into prepared tin or cast iron pans. Bake at 400 for 20-22 min until toothpick inserted comes out clean. If your toothpick comes out wet at 20 min, try one more spot. You may have hit some mooshed banana. Let sit 3 min, remove to cooling rack, consume imediately well slathered with butter!

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SRE said...

I am so with you. Soft food should never crunch. That may just be my new mantra :)

Renee from A Baker's Dozen