Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homeschool Humor

My son's journal today, the assignment was write about anything you want.

One day, there was a blacksmith. He worked for the king. The king never gave the blacksmith a break. So one night the blacksmith snuck out and cut the king's head off.

Now I hate to psychoanalyze this, but am I the king and he the blacksmith??? Am I in mortal peril here for not giving enough breaks?

Nathalie's journal entry was slightly different.

One day a cat went to the store. First she bought her son a hat. Next she bought her daughter a doll. Then she bought herself a necklace.

I dont know what it is with the end part in all caps. Nathalie initially spelled daughter, dodr. I guess that makes sense... She spelled necklace neclis and when I corrected her she argued kindly, "No mama, not lace for her neck, a NECLIS! Like jewluhry?" I love the way she says jewelry. She spelled bought as bot and I told her that was a type of parasite so she quickly erased it and didnt argue with my new spelling. Tad mispelled very little which was because he paid attention. We think he is just a horrible speller but mostly he rushes. He will put an e where an i obviously belongs as in kell for kill. It makes no sense...

My children are on break right now. And I am letting them have 15 min MORE than normal, just in case.

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