Friday, February 19, 2010

Another egg post

I found 2 eggs this morning. The one of the left is a banty egg so it is small, the one in the middle is a store bought egg size large, because our chickens dont lay enough yet and the one on the right, that is the biggest chicken egg I have ever seen! Part of the reason it looks huge is because it is too fat to sit in the cardboard egg tray.

Another photo of the same eggs, wow that egg is big! I picked it up and thought it was heavy, and then closed my fingers. With regular chicken eggs, I can make a cage around one with my fingers and my fingers just meet my thumb. This one, I couldnt come close to meeting my thumb with all fingers! I brought it to the house and Tad said, wow I am glad I didnt have to poop that out!

I made new pants for Nathalie, she wanted them looser than the previous pants. I cant say I love how this looks, my preferred look is a hint more fitted but she loves this loose fit. She can easily layer under them and she loves the stretchy waistband.

These pants are recycled pants that were Frank's years ago. I bought them for him in Germany and he says they were not very, um, masculine? That wasnt it, he called them some mean names but wore them several times to fancy events for the military.

Nathalie actually had no pants that were not patched, needing patches, or too short. This is because all of her last yr pants fit the beginning of this year so I only made a couple of new skirts and 1 pair of jeans. She promptly fell in the jeans and tore out the knee! So, we are at a place where she had to have nicer pants in order for Frank to continue being seen with her in public.

Lastly and largely unrelated, my living room floor. We are remodeling of course and all of this plus much more was in the children's bathroom. We couldnt find anything, and had nowhere to stand in there so cleaned out all trash, recyclables and tools and the bathroom is nice and neat though unfinished. These tools were part of our decor until Frank cleaned them up last night. Now only a few of them are "neatly stacked" in the corner. We still have so much work to do and will for years, there is no way we will ever have a tool free house. Which is fine with me...

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