Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Creations

Yes I know any kid can make stuff up, but sometimes my kids have more time to make up new creations. Tad loves his bow and arrows and he is a good shot. He makes his own targets and sets them up, and shoots at them for hours. Here was a problem though, he didnt have a good place to store the arrows, no good way to carry them when walking or stalking. So he created.

This is a sheath. It is cardboard, 3 sided and stapled together. It has a bottom but no top, and he used camo fabric to hot glue around it. He would have sewn it, but 2 of the 3 sewing machines were waiting on me to service them...

The compound bow, he and Nathalie each have one and he uses both of them. She has little interest in this. He made a strap for his sheath, and I do not know how he adhered it to the sheath but it worked.

Here he is taking a picture, which he set up with the afgan. Not sure why, does it show up better or something? I mean it is camo... He used a tape roll to secure the extra arrows. He is taking a photo with the house/kids cell to send to his best friend in Sc.
So thats all the creativity I have to show today, Nathalie is making valentines cards on her school break right now. She enjoys art and it isnt a class for her. Many of her breaks are filled cutting, drawing and gluing. She wondered why anyone would buy valentines cards, kind of like my kids wonder why people would buy milk or eggs if these things could occur on their own land?

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