Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Continued tile

This was our next step, to grout the area that we had tiled. Normally you tile a whole floor before you grout. But grout, like morter, can be mixed in small batches. We mixed a very tiny amount and started with washer and dryer area and then used up the rest. I let it cure and then sealed it, it dried and now I have a washer and dryer!

We tiled for the first time in Sc in 2004. Thats some time ago, and I wasnt professional at it taht time! I was a little nervous about starting this task alone. I cut the backerboard and laid it out, and then we put that down. Yet I was still nervous about starting/messing up the tile all alone. So we started together, but that meant waiting for the weekend as Frank has been working late. I now feel very confident about tiling alone, it isnt hard, it is just tedious. I like tile, I prefer it over any other flooring. I would do the whole house in tile if Frank would let me! Just kidding... wood floors are nice in living rooms and bedrooms.

So this job stalled to go onto the next job, we needed the kids bathroom up and running. Will blog the progress there next and yes, I know its not normal to have half remodeled rooms and move to another room. But hey, its our world right? And here, we are not in a hurry to move or sell like we were in Sc and that is so freeing!

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