Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I dont have any new pictures, but I find this one cute! My nephew, Nika, was getting around at christmas time. I wont be surprised if he is now walking! His motor skills are, well, above average right up there with his level of cuteness, I am afraid (my poor children...) he may be the cutest baby I have seen in my life! Okay fine my kids were super cute babies also, its just that, well, I mean... Well his dad is Thai. Wait, he was adopted by a Swedish family so he is Swedish but he was born in Thailand so he looks oriental though he sounds Swedish. Okay so my sister is caucasion and the blend! Oh the blend is so CUTE! He is cute and brown like a little toasted almond... Just want to squeeze him!
Back to the subject, he was climbing here, on the laundry basket that Tad was under. He was pleased by the laughing and not alarmed by the moving basket. In some photos during this couple of moments, he looked back at my sister like, "Hey! Mom, let go my overalls I have this under control!" He was so adorable... Tad was kind enough to give the camera a little waivie to let us know he was still alive!
Tad is better today, was better yesterday and oh my he was bouncy! He made up for one day of feelin' punk for sure. I dont think he sat down all day, and it was 17 deg with a windchill factor of icy cold so other than chores he didnt spend much time outdoors. So his bounce was done INDOORS. This coupled with NOT talking to his best friend made him a bit, um, well he was fun per se but I did want to kick him once or five times.
Anyways, we are laying tile, doing school, violin lessons, teeth cleaning appt for T that I must NOT miss, cooking, cleaning house and hopefully sewing today!

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Scarlett said...

He isn't walking on his own yet. He walks around tables, along benches, around the couch and along walls. He wears Stride Rite shoes now because he kept slipping on our non-carpeted floors. We are hoping he'll walk when my in-laws are here because it would be special for them to see it. He has learned to drink from a straw and prefers it by far. I'm guessing he'll skip the sippy cup stage. He thinks they are horrid.