Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doin' somethin' right

Yesterday my children showed me that we must be doing something right with homeschool. They have loved learning their whole lives, before they were old enough for school. Now that we do school, they do get tired of it sometimes. When they take school breaks, they are allowed to go play, do whatever they want within reason.

Yesterday they had two breaks during school and what they chose to do, was very encouraging to me. We have DVDs about the earth, Into The Blue. They are really neat DVDs, and my mom sent us an interactive game that goes with the DVDs. They used their first break to play this game, there is a corresponding puzzle that they put together as they earn the pieces by answering correctly. They know so much about the earth from these DVDs!

During second break, Tad asked to use the computer. I said sure! He called me over to ask could he click on a link in yahoo on King Tut and this started an hour long study for all 3 of us on Egypt, King Tut, mummies, and many other things! Today we have library day, and they have to check out books on earthquakes and will now choose some books on Egypt as well.

My mom sends vocabulary words as well as weekly discussion questions. She is a good writer, and writes children's stories for my kids that use very large vocab words that we write out, look up, discuss and use in sentences. Then we research mom's questions and the children do an oral report to her. We are hoping to use Skype for this, my mom is in mid move so doesn't have that capability yet. Right now we use speaker phone!

So I have to go get ready for library day, my children are practicing sign language.

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