Monday, February 1, 2010

Cast Iron

I have posted this recipe here today, corn dog muffins. It is one batch of corn bread, mix up the dry and add chopped hot dogs (aprox 2 per batch) into the mix. Then add the egg/milk/oil and mix quickly, do not overmix. I have cooked these with egg replacer and the rise is nowhere near as good. I do recommend egg and I use whole milk as well. Cast iron is the next ingredient, I preheat my pans while I mix. Then I put a tiny slice of real butter in each little space (that I am using, I didnt use all of the triangles of the 2nd pan) and then quickly put 1/3 cup of batter in each. It sizzles and browns imediately and bakes so well! They rise high in the first couple of minutes of baking time.

I grew up using cast iron and making corn bread. However, I never made the two together. I used a cast iron skillet for a lot of foods, and we ate a lot of cornbread. Cornbread and beans, cornbread and cabbage, cornbread and molassas... Good southern food! I recently tried the cast iron for cornbread and was amazed at the difference!

These corndog muffins make a great lunch and are easy to reheat. I freeze the extras in a ziplock bag and keep them for later.


Amanda said...

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a iron skilletaholic. Off the top of my head i can count 15 pans of various types with the favorites being the dutch oven and lid, griddle and 15" pan. One can never have too many as they are so multifunctional. If you keep one by your bed, you don't normally need a gun. They are good for cooking (I mean, obviously!), and tenderizing meat and decorating. They are also good for a laugh when your husband says you have to get rid of some because they will put your over your moving weight limit on your next PCS/ETS move. What intended kitchen utensil can do all those things?

Jo Abair said...

Yeah I am with you here. I counted today, I am under your number but fast rising! Order coming in from amazon... I have skillets, shallow ones, deep ones, I have pots with removable wooden handles so that they can go into the oven. I have my little triangle skillet, what is that called??? I have dutch ovens and I have a muffin pan, oh and I have a couple of bread pans! Drop a slice of butter in any of these, and bake any type of dough and it comes out with a salty, brown, crunchy bottom layer that just melts! There is NO better multifunctional kitchen item, I agree. You can use them like a crock pot, you can cook meat on low flame with a small amt of liquid for a long time and it falls apart... Eggs are perfect in here, pancakes flawless. Cast iron IS an ingredient for being a good cook.