Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our first eggs! Again.

Each child wanted a picture holding the banty egg. It is small and green! Yes some chickens lay green eggs, and some lay rainbow eggs. I dont have any of those chickens. If chickens laid money, more people would own them but then I dont think people would be as happy, as if the chickens just laid eggs! Okay no more philosophy from me today.

Frank found our first eggs, and the chickens laid them IN the right space! Thats very exciting, our chickens didnt do that in the past. We have had chickens that laid eggs, two groups of them. And yet, I couldnt keep them alive and safe and happy and all that jazz. So they were either eaten when free range, or died of sadness when they were penned. Okay fine I cant prove that they were sad. But they just died! For no reason! I fed them, I gave them clean water, I moved their coop about. But they died.
These chickens have a whole barn, and a warm insulated room with a heat lamp and just a lot more comforts. I didnt know what to do last year and couldnt have done this alone. They have a whole fenced yard to themselves, though they roam much greater areas by flying over their fence. They go home at night and in the morning they lay yummy eggs! I love the little banty eggs, wonder how that works with recipes? Add one large regular egg OR two banty eggs.

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