Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another installation of shoeball...

This game...

Is so much fun to watch! Being hit with the shoes accidently? Um, no. I dont enjoy it! These houseshoes we buy, they have hard bottoms!

No the floor isnt covered in toilet paper, thats scraps from diaper cutting.

The conversation is also interesting.

"Who just hit me in the ----? "
"That was me daddy but I was just getting you back for when you shot me in the crotch with your air soft gun!"
"Well I didnt get shot in the crotch." Yeah, uh me neither! Instead I ran away, far away, after capturing a few images. Just kidding I am not such a coward...

Tad turns here to see that Nathalie, the shoe hoarder has quite a stash! Next you hear, "Hey, if you are not going to play and you are just going to hide like a wienie give up some of the shoes!"

They often are laughing so hard they miss their mark. However, it has been established that my house shoes hurt the most followed up by Nathalies. We have different, heavier, bottoms on our houseshoes. Its because they are red, the color of evil!

Tad tried to take refuge on the steps, but daddy catches the shoes and throws them back so fast they hardly seem to leave the air!
All in all, another great evening.

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