Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bathroom remodel

These pictures are just thrown on here any old way, I couldnt make them understand how I wanted them lined up. This is the childrens/hall bathroom. We sometimes think it was once a bedroom by the newer 2x4s in there, to frame in the bathtub area. Its way too big to have been a bathroom in the '60's. Its truly huge, would have easily made a nursery.

These cabinets are large, there is so much unused space in here! My kids dont have much to put in them, and I am not a storing kind of person. So these are largely empty, but nice! We dont like the weird tile on the walls and will replace that with wainscotting and the walls will get new paint.

The floor will be tiled and a new toilet put in. We have 4 bathrooms. The laundry room bath and downstairs bath had very old toilets that used a lot of water to flush. We are replacing them with the more efficient toilets from the other 2 bathrooms and will put new ones in these 2. This one we already purchased. Its in the back of the van. Afterall, you dont always know when you will need a toilet when you are on the road right? This is our new tub and shower unit, we installed it yesterday.

This is what we stopped tiling for, to get this in. The tub has jets, the kids used it for the first time last night and they are in love! Tad and I care nothing for baths, we prefer a shower but now that we have this tub we may learn to like baths!

The bathrooms, being older, dont have all the things bathrooms now have. Like shut off valves and in some cases pee traps. Is that how you spell that, really??? Pee trap? Well this is what prevents odors from the drain and we hate those odors because you can only imagine what it smells like... Unless you have an older house and then its not your imagination. Ewww. We have had to destroy some drywall in this house because of pipes bursting and there was, no shut off valves... So we are putting in shut offs and will be putting in access doors in ALL bathrooms so that the water can be shut off.
There is a lot of drywall work, and repainting and tiling to be done in here. But its one more project moving along! We have had fun with these projects and I love that we can take our time, for the first time in our marriage we dont have to rush our projects.

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