Monday, February 8, 2010

Making home

My poor boy child is sick, he was crabby yesterday and we didnt know why. During the night, his throat and head hurt and his stomach was sick. No vomiting, just feeling cruddy. At one point while squatting on a cold bathroom floor I asked him, do you feel sick when you are lying down? No he answers, only when I am walking. So at 2 am what possessed you to walk? Oh I woke up feeling sick. You were not laying still? Huh? Mama I feel sickly... Okay baby.

He is now awake, at nearly 10 am and is in the recliner. How do you feel baby? I ask. Poopy is his only answer. Okay then. He is flushed but no fever and he looks like microwaved death.

Nathalie however, is full of usual happiness and bounce and isnt at all sickly. So I have a day of homeschooling one, caring for the other, chores, tiling the laundry room, cooking and sewing. I hope whatever my poor boy has isnt going to be catchy! Frank has had a cold for a couple of days and I assume that is whats bothering Tad, it affected Franks head also. Made him feel stuffy and headachy and his throat was sore.

And now I am off to mix doughnut batter that must refridgerate overnight! Happy homemaking!

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Wunder der Freiheit said...

awww poor Tad. Hope you feel better soon Tad!!