Sunday, February 8, 2009

Goat people pictures

On the left is chiva, trying to eat straw from wooden bowl is scout (only girl) and behind her is vlad.

Scout was the most interested in the camera.

They chew on us, our hair, sleeves, pockets, belts and hands. They have sharpish little teeth so we are teaching them not to chew on our hands.

This is scout again, I am glad the camera is quick or I wouldnt get her picture taken before she is trying to taste the lens.

Tad holding scout. She is his, he picked her out. He has wanted a nubian doe for a long time and I am pleased he gets to raise her from baby.
Nathalie's goat is chiva, and she really just picked because we were buying 3. I dont think she cared either way. Vlad is mine, I wanted a certain buck that he man had. He had 2 bucks and 1 doe from a mama who is 50 % nubian and 50 % togenburg. Her babies, she had all 3 at ONCE are 25 % tog. She is his highest milker. I wanted either her doe or buck so that I can breed the good milk lines. Nona (my big goat) is a great milker and a good disposition so I will breed her with Chiva or Vlad when they are old enough. They need to be around 6 mo old. Pepsi is a low milker because she was bred too early (or it could just be that she isnt a high milker) but she has a good disposition so we are not sure yet if we will breed her. We are breeding for milk production and multiple births.
We bought these babies in Topeka yesterday, they are 9 days old (2 of them) and 11 days old. We bottle feed them and I will have more pictures of that tonight! They live in the garage attached to the house for now and will for a couple of wks. They sleep a lot and are not very fussy, the kids and I take them outside quite a bit. Its cold today, but not freezing. Yesterday was warm and sunny. We will take them out as much as possible each day bc they get sick without sunshine. For now they can only make it about 2 hrs before they start wanting to nap. They try to eat grass and hay and they pick up other things with their mouths, rocks, and put them back out sometimes on US.
They are adorable and fun and not half the work I thought they would be. I thought they would cry more and be more needy, they are playful and fun but not overly fussy so I am glad. I wish Frank was here, he would enjoy helping us with them.


Abair said...

We never had goats growing up but we did have pigs, Potbelly if I am not mistaken.
I remember how much fun they were... I better you little ones love to play with the goats yah...
But what made you want to get goats?
( other then now having to mow the yard

Jo Abair said...

Oh no they dont mow the yard. We have a BIG lawn mower for that though I am feeling the need for a tractor, I would feel more Bona Fide homesteader (this is what I want for valentines to my husband who asked, a tractor). We have them for milk and now for breeding. When the boys are bigger, we will offer afforadable stud service, for people who dont wish to own bucks bc they smell and act badly! We already have milk from nona and pepsi.
We have goats and chickens, and garden and a bit of land for self sufficiency bc I think that is what a lot of families need to go with todays economy, and growing family problems where kids dont know what it means to work.