Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conversations heard

Conversations heard here:
"Nathalie, doesnt this bin go in your room?" I went into Tads room to tuck them in and say prayers, and there is an empty bin in his floor and his bin items are put IN their proper bins.
"Yes it does, Thank you for asking." Nathalie
"Take it to your room." She does. I pass by her room a few min later, she is now in the bathroom. "Nathalie,' I begin, 'Why are all of your dress ups and babies dumped in your bedroom?" The contents of her 2 bins, babies/stuffed animals, dress ups/doll clothes are neatly piled where they were previously located INSIDE of 2 bins.
"I dont know why." She says, "Well did you do it?" I ask. She nods. Thats better than the deer in the head lights look. "Well, were you looking for something?" I ask. "Yes. I was looking for that bin." she answers.
"The bin? A bin?" I repeat her...
"Yes mommy, a bin, its plastic, you can use it to roll across the floor in, put toys in them, put chicken feed in them, the bins like what you buy at Alco?" She explained a bin to me.
"So was the bin lost?"
"No. It was under my things."

Later-as in 11 nearly 11 pm a few min ago their came a opossum on the porch. I called the kids quietly to come out to see him. They squat quietly by the door. Tad is watching him intently, and there are 2 barn cats on the porch. He whispers to himself more than anyone, "And these cats are not even eating him!" Why would he expect a cat to eat a opossum?

Conversations with God:
"Dear Jesus, Please let the days go by super fast so that we can see daddy for his 2 wk break in july. Please make them fly by so we dont even know it!" Nathalie, followed by a hearty, "Amen!" By Tad.

And yet in my head, "Dear Lord, please help me to not wish away the months waiting to see Frank for 2 wks, because it will waste the precious months with my children." How different and yet the same, are our prayers!


Abair said...

I thought that was one of the funnest things I have ever read. She is smart isn't she?
I do look forward to the day when Rach and I have children but we are just not ready for it right now.. know what I mean?

Jo Abair said...

She is pretty funny, Tad is just now becoming funny. Like Frank, he has an odd sense of humour that makes you go huh? But not laugh as often... She has made me laugh out loud since she could talk! They are both smart, and he is pleased that he is "becoming" funny...
Dont have kids until you are ready, but if you end up having one earlier than you meant to, call it ready and go with it! It works out fine.