Monday, February 23, 2009

New shirt

If you could zoom in, you would see that the white "pattern" peices are actually an old shirt cut up. This has been my favorite shirt for most of my adult life. It has turquoise stain on it from being washed with a highlighter, and was missing some fabric at this point. It was pretty holey...

I cut it up to create this. Same pattern, has the darts in front, sleeves are hemmed with open section. I didnt hem the bottom as I know this fabric will roll up over the hem and the serge looks fine. The fabric is made from recycled pop bottles!

I did a continous lap in the front, basically I cut the shirt front out on a fold and then cut it straight down the fold which can be scary if you dont know HOW to do a cont lap. The first time I did one was frustrating. It makes the front seamless so you dont see the cut. The snaps are applied with a snap press. Nathalie loved shirts like this when she was little, I would wear them and she would fasten and unfasten me while sitting on my lap.

Shirt looks nicer on, but I cant say much for the wearer! I look a bit worn currently... However I AM tired of having no clothes, and much of the clothes I do have are full of holes. I have been wearing Franks shirts since he left. He would buy clothes for me, or send me to buy clothes. He has been the one who picked out most of what I had and loved but I HATE shopping.
It has taken me several years of sewing to be good enough to make adult clothes that are worth wearing. This last summer was the first time I made a lot of clothes for myself and now this winter I have needed to.

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