Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lavender hoodie

You can still see my basting stitches I have to pull from zipper and next time, zipper tape will be hidden in between layers. This pic is showing full lining that is topstitched and turned so she gets no seams, only smooth parts. this is an organic cotton lining, full lining even hood.

The front had 3 panels and a pocket on either side, sleeve had 2 panels and back had 2, the hood had 2. So the whole jacket was quite a few peices and then the lining was the same but no pockets. The outer is windpro, a midweight, Malden Mills fleece that is wind and water proof but super soft, it is velour. Oh and its a bit stretchy which is nice since inner lining is also stretchy.

The green cords are also new, I know they do not match! Neither does the pj shirt she is wearing with the green pants but she was in pj shirt and leggings and Tad said, "I am going outside." So she threw on new green cords, socks, pink cowgirl boots and her new jacket bc its cold... and then carried coat, gloves and hat out the door so she wouldnt miss anything! I stopped her on the way for a few pics.
Picture of the hood somehow got missed... its cute too!


Scarlett said...

Actually lavender and green do match so you are okay there. I have seen some super cute clothes with those two colors in them.

Jo Abair said...

Hmpf and I didnt pick it! She didnt either, it was, mommy are these still clean? How many days did you wear them? Blank stare. Okay, well I only made them 3 days ago so go ahead. Is it cold out mommy? Pretty cold. Should I wear my new hoodie under my coat? Yes thats fine. Okay. Can I wear my pink cowgirl boots? Um yeah, why wouldnt you? Seriously WHO in the world WOULDNT wear pink cowgirl boots? Oh right... those OTHER people. Weirdos...

Abair said...

I see your sewing has gotten better and you are doing more stuff. That's awesome! My wife Rachel is getting into sewing slowly but surely.

Its nice to see you guys again it great that you are doing good.