Sunday, February 1, 2009


So after some things that had to be finished by Jan 30, we are free to start the list I REALLY want to accomplish. Oh and the things I dont care about but should. I have taxes of course and some insurance related business that I want done by the end of feb. This picture is showing our homeschool guidelines, you can click on the picture to make it large though you cant read it still. It has our question list (ks hist questions as well as 1st-2nd grade concept questions, measurements, money values etc) we do these questions daily. Then it has the days monday-friday and what we will do each day. Both children can read the list, but Tad can read it much better so she depends on him to tell her first step when I say school time. This list helps them with school time cheerfullness, I wont be changing it for now. Unless necessary, this is the year every wk. So they know when school is done, they can do the math!

Our house has many built ins, 3 of 5 bedrooms have built in desks and small book shelves. This is the built in kitchen desk. It is small but has enough space and some shelveing above and a pencil drawer below. Oh, and a outlet for the laptop! We have a nice office chair that I havent sat in since last april so its nice to have a working area back... This will be part of my plan in finishing the things I want/dont want to finish!

The silver 3 shelve stacker has been a wonderful tool since we lived in germany, has an in, out and a still to deal with shelve. This is a close up of the laptop, someone took this pic on the computer screen at the ball we attended right before he deployed. Man he is good looking!

Just a picture further back. This desk area was piled over and under with random items that all had homes. Things like flashlights, batteries, seam ripper, nail clippers, crayons. The kids and I cleaned it up and found homes for the stools and basket of citrus living under it. The citrus basket doesnt have a home! Citrus is still cheap in winter and my kids love it, I love them having the fresh fruit and vit C so we keep the basket stocked. The 2 stools that were living under their are now living under the cabinet in kids bathroom, but dont worry. Still plenty of space as their bathroom is the size of a small bedroom...
Am blogging this (un) interesting stuff so Frank can see what we are doing, what is going on and how we are proceeding with our days. Its interesting to us... And to him I am sure.

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