Saturday, February 21, 2009

Evening activities

I took this picture in the dark, not a great picture but there was no light on at all. I used the night function on the camera. The kids played chess and dominoes for an hr last night, and made tickets and money for their "show." I also took pictures of them sleeping, but they are getting to old for me to post those and them not be embarrassed. They read my blog often and I do not want them to suffer embarrassment today or later.

Traffic games set up for a real rush hour. Another game that kept them busy last night.

And lastly, the serger cones. They are divided by color in various containers. The red cowgirl hat is my personal favorite though its clear we need more green by the size of the green container. That container is the starry top of a astronomy toy.

The big round basket was purchased in Africa by my aunt who worked and lived there in 3 dif countries. Cameroun, Niger and Liberia. The kids use this basket for many functions, right now it is usually a home for the serger cones, unless they are in castle or color sort form.

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