Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random things thursday

A friend did this on her blog, I think I will steal it! 25 random things you may not have known about me, some of them feelings and some facts. I may not make it to 25 and I may not list the most interesting ones because I don’t WANT you to know those.

I miss my husband more than I thought I could.

As a child I prayed for a small bra size.

I wanted to marry a man like the father that I didn’t get to know, and I did. My mother tells me so.

I wanted 6 children, and I have two wonderful so far.

I like green peas, and asparagus, and brussel sprouts but I am not fond of fruit.

The greater number of people that I am around, the lower the oxygen level in the room becomes. And yes I believe this.

My mother is still one of my favorite people of all time.

I have bitten the dry edges around my fingers for years because I like the way it feels to my teeth.

I liked biting crayons in half as a child for the same reason.

When I sew, the fabric tells me what it wants, what it needs. And that is why I can make what I make, because I listen.

On all the funny tests you take in high school that tell you what area you should go into, it was always psychology for me. I am not a psychologist.

I am terrified of small spaces.

I am not afraid of the dark, I think it’s safe.

My favorite animals are cats and goats, but I do like spiders quite a bit (I know not animals, but arachnids.)

I feel guilty that my son had to leave his best friend, because she is wonderful and he misses her desperately, and I know how he feels…

I am not jealous or angry when other people get pregnant but I do miss being woken at night.

I can sing just like Fiona Apple and Nathalie Merchant, oh and of course Wynona Judd and I love techno and hip hop.

I don’t like swimming and I do love dancing, and the way my husband looks at me when I dance.

I am pleased by my childhood and all I learned from it. I do not think it was awful and I don’t wish for a repeat.

I love being alone and I miss people.

I do like myself, I even enjoy my own thoughts and conversation, also I think I am funny and I think my children are as well and I certain they got it from me!

I wear shorts with rubber boots because I think it looks nice, I am not trying to make a statement or look silly.

I let my hair dread by not brushing it for weeks at a time, but I do wash it nightly.

I know how to write, in a grammatically correct manner but I write incorrectly because I like the way it reads in my head.

Still, I miss my husband very much, so very very much I feel I cannot ache any more from it.

Those are the most random things about myself I can think of. But overall, I am a truly random person so it wasn’t hard… I have a million more. Maybe I should start a random things Thursday?


Abair said...

I have to say that I really like this one and will steal it myself.. I hope that's alright?

Nice way to break into things I guess lol

But how ever.....
*the crowd shutter and halts to a dull whisper in anticipation on what will be spoken by this man*
... i didn't know you where scared of small spaces.. as so am I.

Jo Abair said...

You can steal it! I would love for you to and I will read it. Small spaces are the ONLY thing I can say is a true fear for me. Have none of the water, fire, snakes, heights etc. Just that one...