Sunday, February 22, 2009


Whats in my pockets: Wire cutters, razor knife, 2 broken zip ties, a cloth paper towel, pencil, pr of scissors, some hay, lint, 2 reciepts, 6 $ in ones, and if this counts, goat slobber on it.

When I last brushed my hair: its been over 2 wks and I cant remember.

When I last put on clean jeans: ummm....

What I am hearing right now: A baby goat in the garage bleating in anger (she is loud!) bc we havent let her be in the house this evening. Oh and my son gulping his drink in a very un-mannerly way.

What am I doing after this: reading to my children, playing a signing game with them, showering and then sewing.

Most important thing I have done today: about to do it, the kids love reading time, and talking to Frank on the phone.

Yuckiest thing I did today: nothing here grosses me out, but some of you out there may have called today pretty nasty when you consider how much poo and slobber I encountered... What would gross me out? Um, garbage disposals. I dont actually use it while Frank is gone because it isnt worth fixing. I had to do that in Sc. Not worth the use of it.

The most interesting thing I did today: other than watch tad pretend to choke to death which wasnt all that funny, I talked to an old friend whom I lost track of years ago. Oh, and talking to Frank. He is oh so interesting!

Oh, and I got peed on by a goat. That wasnt interesting, just an expected event if you leave your foot in the wrong spot for long.

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