Thursday, February 19, 2009


So this is our entertainment, feeding baby goats and playing with serger cones. The sewing store had their once a yr sale on serger cones. These are 1.99-2.79 each and half off for memorial day weekend yearly. Other things on sale as well and also there is a 10 % off entire purchase coupon! We saved a lot of money. The serger cones make very good castles.

The babies still live in the garage, they are starting to climb out of their enclosure. They have to start eating hay and alfalfa before they can move out and they are not too keen on this!

Serger cone house with babies in it, these are their webkinz.

This is about half of our serger cones and Tad says, "Well we dont have enough. We do need some more, but we bought all the store had. Wasnt there another store we could have gone too? Anyways, you CANT have too many serger cones. "

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