Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tads pictures

I needed to take some pictures of my milking stand for my friend in Ca to see. I forgot to carry down the camera, 2 mornings in a row... yesterday I said I needed to run back down to take these pics. Tad says, "I can do it mommy, I can take pictures carefully." I thought about this. Who would send their 8 yr old who likes to stand on his hands without warning across 3 acres with 2 huge goats to bump into with a 500$ camera? Well me. He only took 2, then somehow he decided the battery died which it didnt but he did fine! You can see pepsi standing at the back window.

He was trying to get the bolts at the bottom so we can show Amanda how Frank attached the head portion for the goats while they eat grain and I milk.
The camera bag is on the stand, he had to carry down the camera in the bag and upon opening the bag, put the camera strap around his neck before taking it out of the bag. He has used my camera before, both children have, but this time it wasnt with me. He probably did better! He did take one of the milk shed roof, neither he or the goat can explain the point in that one.

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