Monday, January 19, 2009


Oh look, look at my mess! Look at my cut out partially finished clothes. I will show you pictures of them later, they are avail in my store now for a few more wks. My pattern books, my messy sewing table. My thousands of yards of fabric downstairs, us buying a bigger house for my business.
Our discussions of possibly Frank working with me when he retires from the military. Just one family, and look what we will lose. What will I do with myself??? Thank you CPSIA for killing billions of American dreams!


Scarlett said...

John says that there is some website, maybe where you should voice your opposition to this law. It is connected to Obama's team he says.

He was saying that perhaps lawmakers and specifically Obama are not aware of how CPSIA is affecting small American business owners who obviously AREN'T using Chinese products and thus SHOULDN'T be punished for Chinese idiocy.

Jo Abair said...

I voted on and put my blog up as a support. I also posted them all over and joined a lot of groups to fight this... I dont think anyone other than the makers of this bill knew about it. They are trying to cover all bases, but are shooting too many birds!