Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas present

This isnt a wonderful picture but it is a picture of what Frank sent to me for christmas. Mom took the picture after telling me to "look nicer." Apparently I wasnt smiling nicely enough... I miss my husband more today than yesterday, I talked to a friend and her husband and he is home from Iraq and it made me miss Frank so much. Her husband was gone for 15 months, I am grateful our deployment isnt as long.
Even from Iraq, my wonderful husband bought me things I wanted the most. This is an australian bush hat and he bought it from Australia! He says it is made of kangaroo leather. It is supposed to be able to be folded up and shoved into a pocket and pop back out proper! I havent tried this yet...
This hat doesnt guarantee that the children and are will stop wearing his hat, as a matter of fact, I am sure we will still wear his hat and then put it back in the same spot he left it at the day he left. On top of the TV speaker. When a visiting child wore this hat a wk after he left, my children panicked. The childs mother asked her to replace it, when frank was home she wore his hat. I am sure my children will become comfortable sharing it again, or maybe not. At any rate, they love for it to hang where he left it and now they wear MINE around the house as I wear it outside.
I know I will miss him desperately every second that he is gone and count down the days until he returns, and then loathe the knowledge that he will leave again. But even while I miss him, he continues to show me what I have to miss.

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